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Bram-Turner Funeral Home wishes to express our sincere sympathy & appreciation of your trust in us. It is our purpose to give thoughtful service, and if in doing so we have lightened your burden, we have been successful.

Welcome to Bram-Turner Funeral Home

Bram-Turner Funeral Home is family owned and operated and has been serving Dekalb County and the surrounding areas since 1938.

Bram-Turner Funeral home gladly offers traditional funeral services, several cremation options, monuments and grave markers. We have a wide variety of caskets to choose from as well as a great selection of vaults.

We offer additional services including:
  • Prepaid Funeral Arrangements
  • Video Presentations
  • Portrait Memorial Folders
  • Assistance With Ordering Flowers
  • Online Obituaries
  • Electronic Register for those unable to attend Memorial Services

Bram-Turner Funeral Home
P.O. Box 350/603 South Sloan Street, Maysville, MO 64469

Bram-Turner Funeral Home Maysville MO Missouri

Bram-Turner Funeral Home
303 DeKalb Street, Stewartsville, MO 64490

Bram-Summerfield Funeral Home Stewartsville MO Missouri
  • Professional: As a funeral director for over 12 years I have served a diverse clientele, and met a wide range of requests. It is a privilege to learn and respect the various traditions and values unique to each family.

  • Compassionate: We all have experienced the emptiness and grief when someone we love dies. It is paramount with our staff to give genuine compassion to those that are hurting. It is what our Lord has called us to do in every aspect of our lives.

  • Affordable: Like many other things, funeral costs are out of control. Bram-Turner Funeral Home is committed to responsible business practices in order to maintain affordable costs. A funeral shouldn't cost a life's savings.

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